v12.2.8 released


We're glad to announce the next point release in the Luminous v12.2.X stable release series. This release contains a range of bugfixes and stability improvements across all the components of ceph. We thank everyone for contributing towards this release.

Upgrade notes from previous luminous releases

When upgrading from v12.2.5 or v12.2.6 please note that upgrade caveats from 12.2.5 will apply to any _newer_ luminous version including 12.2.8. Please read the upgrade notes on 12.2.7

For the cluster that installed the broken 12.2.6 release, 12.2.7 fixed the regression and introduced a workaround option `osd distrust data digest = true`, but 12.2.7 clusters still generated health warnings like ::

[ERR] 11.288 shard 207: soid 11:1155c332:::rbd_data.207dce238e1f29.0000000000000527:head data_digest 0xc8997a5b != data_digest 0x2ca15853

12.2.8 improves the deep scrub code to automatically repair these inconsistencies. Once the entire cluster has been upgraded and then fully deep scrubbed, and all such inconsistencies are resolved; it will be safe to disable the `osd distrust data digest = true` workaround option.