Member Tiers and Benefits

Join The Ceph Foundation to Shape the Future of Data Storage

Become a member organization of The Ceph Foundation and propel data storage innovation.

Display of your brand logo on the website
Visibility of the Ceph Foundation in project documentation and release notes
Support the Foundation lab infrastructure hosting upstream dev, qa, and release processes
Special discounted rates for sponsorships at Cephalocon and Ceph Days
Potential position on the Ceph Board of Directors if elected as Silver repN/AN/AN/A
Support for member announcements via press release quotes & social media
Highlighted listing on the Ceph Jobs website
Opportunity to showcase customer case studies on
Complimentary passes for Cephalocon✓ (1)✓ (2)✓ (5)
Potential position on the Ceph Board of Directors if elected as one of two Gold repsN/AN/A
Guaranteed position on the Ceph Board of Directors
Influence the strategy, objectives, hardware, and budgetary decisions of the Ceph Foundation
Engage with the Ceph Foundation strategic marketing working group
Official announcement of membership via Ceph Foundation press release
Invited to Platinum-tier technical events and discussion forums
Showcase your products in the Ceph Newsletter, reaching >15,000 followers
Your company logo on the Ceph upstream release t-shirts
First choice of sponsor opportunities, booth placement and pre- and post-event emails
Prominent logo placement across, all social media, events, and promotional resources
Annual Membership Fee (200+ Employees)$15,000$30,000$50,000$100,000
Annual Membership Fee (<200 Employees)$10,000$24,000$40,000$80,000
Associate Membership for NonprofitsFreeN/AN/AN/A

Become a member

Be A Part of The Future of Data Storage

Ceph is the future of data storage, and by becoming a part of The Ceph Foundation, organizations can be too. Foundation members are at the forefront of innovation, ready to take on the growth of big data and shape the development of ingenious software. There’s never been a better time to invest in futureproof data solutions.

Share Knowledge, Experience and Resources

The Ceph Foundation pools resources from leading software storage solutions, cloud platforms and more to improve and fast-track advances in data storage. By sharing skills and expertise from a plethora of specialisms, The Ceph Foundation makes great things happen.

Champion Open Source Communities

At the heart of the Ceph project is our committed, gifted and passionate Open Source community, comprised of talent from across the globe. With the help of The Ceph Foundation, Ceph’s community collaborate effectively with events, structure and shared ideals to shape the future of Ceph.

Industry Leader Status

Ceph Foundation organizations provide valuable training and professional services for users of Ceph. As the amount of Ceph users grows, Foundation organizations become go-to experts and gain recognition in the industry.

Decision Making Ability

Ceph Foundation members will get the chance to be on the Governing Board, especially Premier Members who are guaranteed a seat. Your organization can have a say in the future of Ceph and be involved in making impactful decisions with voting privileges.