Evolve Ceph with passionate, talented and innovative contributors from around the globe.

When you become a Ceph contributor, you become part of a wider community, invested in the future of data.

Ceph was made possible by its community, and now it is constantly improved and adapted following its Open Source philosophy. Join us in creating something amazing.

Connect with the Ceph community

  • Events

    From Ceph Days and conferences, to Cephalocon, Ceph aims to bring the community face-to-face where possible. With engaging content, critical discussions and opportunities to network with other community members, Ceph events combine the best of software with excitement and fun.

    Ceph events
  • Tech talks

    Join the experts in Ceph, the community, and partners in Tech talks every month. Experience a technical presentation and find out the latest developments in the Ceph community. You can even get involved in Hackathons!

    Ceph tech talks
  • Community events & meetups

    Plan your own meetup and unite experts with specialisms and vested interest in Ceph-related technology. Leverage the knowledge and skill of community engineers, developers and architects to explore future possibilities for Ceph.


Get involved

  • If you are interested in getting involved with Ceph, there are many options available. Whether you wish to contribute code or simply stay updated with the latest Ceph developments, our global community will gladly welcome you.

    Meet the Ceph team
  • Where to find us

    Become a part of Ceph’s community through area-specific mailing lists, code contributions, in-person events, monthly talks and more.

    Connect with the community
  • Become a contributor

    If you use Ceph, you can provide valuable contributions, including logging issues on our live issue tracker, novel code, content input and software development.

    How to contribute

Upcoming events

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Sometimes there is no substitute for discussing technology face-to-face. The Ceph community tries to run and attend a number of events so that users can interact through lectures or just over beer.

Ceph Quarterly

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Ceph Quarterly is a newsletter published every three months that summarizes the development of Ceph.