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The Ceph Foundation believes that all storage problems should be solvable with open-source software.

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The telemetry module (if enabled by the cluster administrator) sends anonymous data about the cluster back to the Ceph developers to understand how Ceph is used and to understand the problems that users might experience.

Click the button below to see the Ceph Public Telemetry Dashboard. The telemetry dashboard summarizes information about all Ceph clusters that have opted to share anonymized data. This information includes cluster size, Ceph version, which Ceph services are enabled, and which types of storage devices are in use (categorized by their vendors and models).

Ceph Public Telemetry Dashboard

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  • Documentation

    Find out everything you need to know about Ceph, including component, guides, coding and more, with our extensive documentation library. From here you can get started with Ceph.

    Get started with Ceph (documentation)
  • Code

    Explore and create novel, innovative functions with the support and expertise of a global community. Whether you are new to coding or a seasoned expert, input is always valuable.

    Find out where Ceph is headed and where your coding skill could be applied.

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  • Contribute

    If you use Ceph, you can contribute in a variety of ways. Log user problems directly with our live issue tracker or join in on the Ceph Developer Monthly call to stay updated and discuss ideas with the community.

    How ever you get involved, with whatever skills you present, Ceph would be glad to have you.