Tech talks

Every month the Ceph community convenes to discuss a technical topic related to Ceph. Our hope is that the community can help to raise the general level of awareness and technical knowledge of all Ceph users and contributors. Please join us in the virtual meeting to ask questions and participate!

  • When: 4th Thursday of every month at 17:00 UTC
  • Where: Blue Jeans teleconference
  • Recordings: All calls will be published to YouTube.
  • Mailing list: to receive announcements, watch the ceph-users mailing.
  • Calendar: Ceph Community | iCal

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Or submit a request to host one of your own by emailing foundation AT ceph DOT io


Ceph Month 2021: Ceph Project Update With Sage Weil and Josh Durgin
Ceph Month 2021: Ceph on Windows With Alessandro Pilotti
Ceph Month 2021: RADOS Update With Neja Ojha
Ceph Month 2021: Week 1 Open Discussion With Sage and colleagues
Ceph Month 2021: Call for Participation: Ceph Stable Releases Team With Loïc Dachary
What's New in Pacific Ceph Release With Sage Weil


Scale Testing Ceph with 10Billion+ Objects With Karan Singh
STS ( Secure Token Service) in RGW With Pritha Srivastava
Edge Application: Streaming Multiple Video Sources With Neeha Kompala & Jason Weng
A Different Scale – Running small ceph clusters in multiple data centers With Yuval Freund
Solving the Bug of the Year With Dan van der Ster
What’s New In the Octopus Release With Josh Durgin & Lenz Grimmer
Ceph for Storing MeerKAT Radio Telescope Data With Thomas Bennett


Ceph at NASA With Kevin Hrpcek
Intro to Ceph With Sage Weil
NooBaa Software Defined Storage With Guy Margalit


Ceph used in Cancer Research at OICR With George Mihaiescu
Ceph with Rook on Kubernetes With Travis Nielsen


OpenStack Barcelona
Unified CI: transitioning away from gitbuilders With Alfredo Deza
Managing Ceph with OpenATTIC With Lenz Grimmer
Bluestore With Sage Weil
Ceph Benchmarking Tool With Kyle Bader | Slides
Live from OpenStack With Patrick McGarry
CephFS development update With John Spray
PostgreSQL on Ceph under Mesos/Aurora with Docker With Thorvald Natvig


Happy holiday (no tech talk)
Building a Ceph Reference Architecture With Brent Compton
Ceph Performance: Recent Testing and Findings With Mark Nelson
CephFS (Distributed POSIX file system) With John Spray
An examination of Placement Groups With Florian Haas
Calamari/Romana (Management API and GUIs) With Gregory Meno
RGW (RADOS Gateway) With Yehuda Sadeh
RBD (RADOS Block Device) With Josh Durgin
RADOS (Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store) With Sam Just