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August 10, 2017

v11.2.1 Kraken released

This is the first bugfix release for Kraken, and probably the last release of
the Kraken series (Kraken will be declared “End Of Life” (EOL) when Luminous
is declared stable). It contains a large number of bugfixes across all Ceph

We recommend that all v11.2.x users upgrade.

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.

Notable Changes

  • In previous versions, if a client sent an op to the wrong OSD, the OSD
    would reply with ENXIO. The rationale here is that the client or OSD is
    clearly buggy and we want to surface the error as clearly as possible.
    We now only send the ENXIO reply if the osd_enxio_on_misdirected_op option
    is enabled (it’s off by default). This means that a VM using librbd that
    previously would have gotten an EIO and gone read-only will now see a
    blocked/hung IO instead.

  • There was a bug introduced in Jewel (#19119) that broke the mapping behavior
    when an “out” OSD that still existed in the CRUSH map was removed with ‘osd rm’.
    This could result in ‘misdirected op’ and other errors. The bug is now fixed,
    but the fix itself introduces the same risk because the behavior may vary between
    clients and OSDs. To avoid problems, please ensure that all OSDs are removed
    from the CRUSH map before deleting them. That is, be sure to do:

    ceph osd crush rm osd.123


    ceph osd rm osd.123
  • This release greatly improves control and throttling of the snap trimmer. It
    introduces the “osd max trimming pgs” option (defaulting to 2), which limits
    how many PGs on an OSD can be trimming snapshots at a time. And it restores
    the safe use of the “osd snap trim sleep” option, wihch defaults to 0 but
    otherwise adds the given number of seconds in delay between every dispatch
    of trim operations to the underlying system.

Other Notable Changes