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May 29, 2013

v0.63 released

Another sprint, and v0.63 is here.  This release features librbd improvements, mon fixes, osd robustness, and packaging fixes.

Notable features in this release include:

  • librbd: parallelize delete, rollback, flatten, copy, resize
  • librbd: ability to read from local replicas
  • osd: resurrect partially deleted PGs
  • osd: prioritize recovery for degraded PGs
  • osd: fix internal heartbeart timeouts when scrubbing very large objects
  • osd: close narrow journal race
  • rgw: fix usage log scanning for large, untrimmed logs
  • rgw: fix locking issue, user operation mask,
  • initscript: fix osd crush weight calculation when using -a
  • initscript: fix enumeration of local daemons
  • mon: several fixes to paxos, sync
  • mon: new –extract-monmap to aid disaster recovery
  • mon: fix leveldb compression, trimming
  • add ‘config get’ admin socket command
  • rados: clonedata command for cli
  • debian: stop daemons on uninstall; fix dependencies
  • debian wheezy: fix udev rules
  • many many small fixes from coverity scan

You can get v0.63 from the usual places: