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May 14, 2013

v0.62 released

This is the first release after cuttlefish. Since most of this window was spent on stabilization, there isn’t a lot of new stuff here aside from cleanups and fixes (most of which are backported to v0.61). v0.63 is due out in 2 weeks and will have more goodness.

  • mon: fix validation of mds ids from CLI commands
  • osd: fix for an op ordering bug
  • osd, mon: optionally dump leveldb transactions to a log
  • osd: fix handling for split after upgrade from bobtail
  • debian, specfile: packaging cleanups
  • radosgw-admin: create keys for new users by default
  • librados python binding cleanups
  • misc code cleanups

You can get v0.62 from the usual places: