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July 18, 2013

v0.61.5 Cuttlefish update released

We’ve prepared another update for the Cuttlefish v0.61.x series. This release primarily contains monitor stability improvements, although there are also some important fixes for ceph-osd for large clusters and a few important CephFS fixes. We recommend that all v0.61.x users upgrade.

  • mon: misc sync improvements (faster, more reliable, better tuning)
  • mon: enable leveldb cache by default (big performance improvement)
  • mon: new scrub feature (primarily for diagnostic, testing purposes)
  • mon: fix occasional leveldb assertion on startup
  • mon: prevent reads until initial state is committed
  • mon: improved logic for trimming old osdmaps
  • mon: fix pick_addresses bug when expanding mon cluster
  • mon: several small paxos fixes, improvements
  • mon: fix bug osdmap trim behavior
  • osd: fix several bugs with PG stat reporting
  • osd: limit number of maps shared with peers (which could cause domino failures)
  • rgw: fix radosgw-admin buckets list (for all buckets)
  • mds: fix occasional client failure to reconnect
  • mds: fix bad list traversal after unlink
  • mds: fix underwater dentry cleanup (occasional crash after mds restart)
  • libcephfs, ceph-fuse: fix occasional hangs on umount
  • libcephfs, ceph-fuse: fix old bug with O_LAZY vs O_NOATIME confusion
  • ceph-disk: more robust journal device detection on RHEL/CentOS
  • ceph-disk: better, simpler locking
  • ceph-disk: do not inadvertantely mount over existing osd mounts
  • ceph-disk: better handling for unusual device names
  • sysvinit, upstart: handle symlinks in /var/lib/ceph/*

Please also refer to the complete release notes.

You can get v0.61.5 from the usual locations: