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October 16, 2014

Using git bisect with Ceph

When investingating a a problem using the latest Ceph sources, it was discovered that the problem only shows in the master branch and appeared after the v0.85 tag. The following script reproduces the problem and logs the result:

$ cat
cd src
log=$(git describe)
echo $log.log
make -j4 >& $log.log
rm -fr dev out ;  mkdir -p dev
MDS=1 MON=1 OSD=3 timeout 120 ./ \
  -o 'paxos propose interval = 0.01' \
  -n -l mon osd mds >> $log.log 2>&1
exit $status

It can be used with git bisect to find the revision in which it first appeared.

$ git bisect start # initialize the search
$ git bad origin/master # the problem happens
$ git good tags/v0.85 # the problem does not happen
$ git bisect run # binary search in tags/v0.85..origin/master
Bisecting: 339 revisions left to test after this (roughly 8 steps)
[ef006ae] Merge pull request #2658 from athanatos/wip-9625
Bisecting: 169 revisions left to test after this (roughly 7 steps)
[fa0bd06] ceph-disk: bootstrap-osd keyring ignores --statedir
d15ecafea4 is the first bad commit
commit d15eca
Author: John Spray 
Date:   Fri Sep 26 17:24:12 2014 +0100
    vstart: create fewer pgs for fs pools
:040000 040000 f42a324a8
 aa64cdc1ed3 M	src
bisect run success