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September 28, 2014

Ceph: RBD import and export get parallelized in Giant

Features for the seventh Ceph release (Giant) have been frozen 3 weeks ago.
Thus Giant is just around the corners and bugs are currently being fixed.
This article is a quick preview on a new feature.

Giant will introduce a new RBD option: --rbd-concurrent-management-ops.
The default value is set to 10 which means that the import operation will send 10 concurrent IOs at a time.
Prior to this functionnality both import and export were pretty slow.

$ rbd export --rbd-concurrent-management-ops 20 --pool=images e5d3c6dc-37b3-41e8-b375-987fe7935080 mon_image.img

This new feature will definitely speed up home made RBD backups :).