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May 26, 2015

Ceph Developer Summit: Jewel

Hey Cephers, welcome to another Ceph Developer Summit cycle! As Infernalis filters down through the fancy new testing hardware and QA processes it’s time to start thinking about what ‘Jewel’ will hold in store for us (beyond Sage’s hope for a robust and ready CephFS!!!).

Blueprint submissions are now open for any and all work that that you would like to contribute or request of community developers. Please submit as soon as possible to ensure that it gets a CDS slot. We know this is still a little early, but the community has asked for a bit more lead time from finished schedule to actual event, so we’re trying to push the submissions cycle forward a bit.

This cycle we are in the middle of our wiki transition, so we will have a bit of a different process which I ask you to be patient with us on. This cycle will be the first to utilize the Redmine wiki (on, but migration is ongoing so it will be a little rough.

The link below will take you to the edit page for the Jewel blueprints. From that page you just need to add in your title in the format of [[My Awesome Blueprint]] and save the page. You can then just click that link and enter your information. There is a sample blueprint page there to get you started, but please don’t hesitate to ask ‘scuttlemonkey’ on IRC or ‘pmcgarry at redhat dot com’ via email if you have any issues. We really appreciate your patience on this.

The rough schedule (updated) of CDS and Jewel in general should look something like this:

Date Milestone
26 MAY Blueprint submissions begin
12 JUN Blueprint submissions end
17 JUN Summit agenda announced
01 JUL Ceph Developer Summit: Day 1
02 JUL Ceph Developer Summit: Day 2 (if needed)
NOV 2015 Jewel Released

As always, this event will be an online event (utilizing the BlueJeans system) so that everyone can attend from their own timezone. If you are interested in submitting a blueprint or collaborating on an existing blueprint, please click the big red button below!


Submit Blueprint

scuttlemonkey out