v14.2.18 Nautilus released


This is the 18th backport release in the Nautilus series. It fixes a regression introduced in 14.2.17 in which the manager module tries to use a couple python modules that do not exist in some environments. We recommend users to update to this release

Notable Changes

  • This release fixes issues loading the dashboard and volumes manager modules in some environments.


  • nautilus: .github: add workflow for adding labels and milestone (pr#39926, Kefu Chai, Ernesto Puerta)

  • nautilus: mgr/dashboard: Python2 Cookie module import fails on Python3 (pr#40116, Volker Theile)

  • nautilus: mgr/volumes: don't require typing (pr#40095, Josh Durgin)

  • nautilus: qa/suites/krbd: address recent issues caused by newer kernels (pr#40064, Ilya Dryomov)