v14.2.15 Nautilus released


This is the 15th backport release in the Nautilus series. This release fixes a ceph-volume regression introduced in v14.2.13 and includes few other fixes. We recommend users to update to this release.

Notable Changes

  • ceph-volume: Fixes lvm batch --auto, which breaks backward compatibility when using non rotational devices only (SSD and/or NVMe).

  • BlueStore: Fixes a bug in collection_list_legacy which makes pgs inconsistent during scrub when running mixed versions of osds, prior to 14.2.12 with newer

  • MGR: progress module can now be turned on/off, using the commands: ceph progress on and ceph progress off.


  • ceph-volume: fix filestore/dmcrypt activate (pr#38198, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: fix lvm batch auto with full SSDs (pr#38046, Dimitri Savineau, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • os/bluestore: fix "end reached" check in collection_list_legacy (pr#38100, Mykola Golub)

  • mgr/progress: introduce turn off/on feature (pr#38173, kamoltat)