v14.2.13 Nautilus released


This is the 13th backport release in the Nautilus series. This release fixes a regression introduced in v14.2.12, and a few ceph-volume & RGW fixes. We recommend users to update to this release.

Notable Changes

  • Fixed a regression that caused breakage in clusters that referred to ceph-mon hosts using dns names instead of ip addresses in the mon_host param in ceph.conf (issue#47951)

  • ceph-volume: the lvm batch subcommand received a major rewrite


  • ceph-volume: major batch refactor (pr#37522, Jan Fajerski)

  • mgr/dashboard: Proper format iSCSI target portals (pr#37060, Volker Theile)

  • rpm: move python-enum34 into rhel 7 conditional (pr#37747, Nathan Cutler)

  • mon/MonMap: fix unconditional failure for init_with_hosts (pr#37816, Nathan Cutler, Patrick Donnelly)

  • rgw: allow rgw-orphan-list to note when rados objects are in namespace (pr#37799, J. Eric Ivancich)

  • rgw: fix setting of namespace in ordered and unordered bucket listing (pr#37798, J. Eric Ivancich)