v13.2.8 Mimic released


This is the eighth release in the Ceph Mimic stable release series. Its sole purpose is to fix a regression that found its way into the previous release.

Notable Changes

  • Due to a missed backport, clusters in the process of being upgraded from 13.2.6 to 13.2.7 might suffer an OSD crash in build_incremental_map_msg. This regression was reported in https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/43106 and is fixed in 13.2.8 (this release). Users of 13.2.6 can upgrade to 13.2.8 directly - i.e., skip 13.2.7 - to avoid this.


  • osd: fix sending incremental map messages (more) (issue#43106, pr#32000, Sage Weil)

  • tests: added missing point release versions (pr#32087, Yuri Weinstein)

  • tests: rgw: add missing force-branch: ceph-mimic for swift tasks (pr#32033, Casey Bodley)