Ceph Community Newsletter, Feb 2018 edition


Hey Cephers! We are starting this new section on Ceph website to talk about the project highlights on a monthly newsletter. We hope you enjoy it!

Project updates

  • The SUSE OpenAttic team is porting their management dashboard upstream into ceph-mgr, where it will replace the current 'dashboard' module and be expanded to include greater management functionality.
  • Rook v0.7 was released with a new container image based on upstream Ceph. Rook is an operator for managing Ceph clusters in kubernetes.
  • ceph-volume now has full support for both bluestore and filestore, with and without encryption. ceph-disk will be deprecated for mimic. The latest ceph-volume has been backported to Luminous in v12.2.3.
  • Cephalocon conference program was finally published, thanks a lot to everyone which submitted proposals!
  • At the moment we are working on a brand new survey for Ceph users and we will be posting it soon! Stay tuned!


Ceph Planet

Project Meetings

The following project meetings happened in February, the video recordings have been uploaded to Ceph YouTube channel.


linux.conf.au 2018

Sage Weil went to LCA in Sydney and presented the talk "Making distributed storage easy: usability in Ceph Luminous and beyond" about the current status of Ceph as well the future plans for the project.


Orit Wasserman, Greg Farnum and Leo Vaz attended to DevConf in Brno, Czechia. Orit presented the talk "Everything you wanted to know about object storage", Greg talked about "Programming your Storage with Ceph". Besides the talks we also had the "Cephers at DevConf" meetup which was attended by 10 people.


Ceph joined Gluster, OpenStack Swift, LizardFS and OpenEBS on the Software Defined Storage DevRoom at FOSDEM 2018 and the following Ceph talks have been presented:

We also had a talk presented by John Spray at the Virtualization and IaaS DevRoom called "Distributed File Storage in Multi-Tenant Clouds using CephFS".

Finally, we shared a table with our friends from Gluster project at FOSDEM's booth area and we distributed a lot of cool swag and stickers!

Ceph Day Germany

Deutsche Telekom AG hosted the Ceph Day Germany in Darmstadt. The event was attended by over 150 people from Europe Ceph Community and the video recordings for the 14 talks presented have been published on Ceph's YouTube channel. Special thanks to Danny Al-Gaaf for all his help to organize the event and also for recording the presentations.

Upcoming conferences