v12.2.2 Luminous released


This is the second bugfix release of Luminous v12.2.x long term stable release series. It contains a range of bug fixes and a few features across Bluestore, CephFS, RBD & RGW. We recommend all the users of 12.2.x series update.

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.

Notable Changes

  • Standby ceph-mgr daemons now redirect requests to the active messenger, easing configuration for tools & users accessing the web dashboard, restful API, or other ceph-mgr module services.
  • The prometheus module has several significant updates and improvements.
  • The new balancer module enables automatic optimization of CRUSH weights to balance data across the cluster.
  • The ceph-volume tool has been updated to include support for BlueStore as well as FileStore. The only major missing ceph-volume feature is dm-crypt support.
  • RGW’s dynamic bucket index resharding is disabled in multisite environments, as it can cause inconsistencies in replication of bucket indexes to remote sites.

Other Notable Changes