v10.2.6 Jewel released


This point release fixes several important bugs in RBD mirroring, RGW multi-site, CephFS, and RADOS.

We recommend that all v10.2.x users upgrade.

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog .

OSDs No Longer Send ENXIO by Default

In previous versions, if a client sent an op to the wrong OSD, the OSD would reply with ENXIO. The rationale here is that the client or OSD is clearly buggy and we want to surface the error as clearly as possible. We now only send the ENXIO reply if the osd_enxio_on_misdirected_op option is enabled (it's off by default). This means that a VM using librbd that previously would have gotten an EIO and gone read-only will now see a blocked/hung IO instead.

Other Notable Changes