v0.94.10 Hammer released


This Hammer point release fixes several bugs and adds two new features.

We recommend that all hammer v0.94.x users upgrade.

Please note that Hammer will be retired when Luminous is released later during the spring of this year. Until then the focus would be primarily on bugs that would hinder upgrades to Jewel.

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.

New Features

ceph-objectstore-tool and ceph-monstore-tool now enable user to rebuild the monitor database from OSDs. (This feature is especially useful when all monitors fail to boot due to leveldb corruption.)

In RADOS Gateway, it is now possible to reshard an existing bucket's index using an off-line tool.


$ radosgw-admin bucket reshard --bucket=<bucket_name> --num_shards=<num_shards>

This will create a new linked bucket instance that points to the newly created index objects. The old bucket instance still exists and currently it's up to the user to manually remove the old bucket index objects. (Note that bucket resharding currently requires that all IO (especially writes) to the specific bucket is quiesced.)

Other Notable Changes