v10.2.4 jewel released


This point release fixes several important bugs in RBD mirroring, RGW multi-site, CephFS, and RADOS.

We recommend that all v10.2.x users upgrade. Also note the following when upgrading from hammer

Upgrading from hammer

When the last hammer OSD in a cluster containing jewel MONs is upgraded to jewel, as of 10.2.4 the jewel MONs will issue this warning: “all OSDs are running jewel or later but the ‘require_jewel_osds’ osdmap flag is not set” and change the cluster health status to HEALTH_WARN.

This is a signal for the admin to do “ceph osd set require_jewel_osds” - by doing this, the upgrade path is complete and no more pre-Jewel OSDs may be added to the cluster.

Notable Changes

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.