Teuthology docker targets hack (4/5)


The teuthology container hack is improved by adding a flag to retrieve packages from a user specified repository instead of gitbuilder.ceph.com. The user can build packages from sources and run a job, which will implicitly save a docker image with the package installed. The second time the same job is run, it will go faster because it reuses the image. For instance the following job:

machine_type: container os_type: ubuntu os_version: "14.04" suite_path: /home/loic/software/ceph/ceph-qa-suite roles:

    • mon.a
    • osd.0
    • osd.1
    • client.0 overrides: install: ceph: branch: master ceph: wait-for-scrub: false tasks:
  • install: repository_url:
  • ceph:

runs under one minute:

{duration: 47.98, flavor: basic, owner: loic@dachary.org, success: true}