oneliner to deploy teuthology on OpenStack


Note: this is obsoleted by Ceph integration tests made simple with OpenStack

The teuthology can be installed as a dedicated OpenStack instance on OVH using the OpenStack backend with:

nova boot \ --image 'Ubuntu 14.04' \ --flavor 'vps-ssd-1' \ --key-name loic \ --user-data <(curl --silent \ | \ sed -e "s|OPENRC|$(env | grep OS_ | tr '\n' ' ')|") teuthology

Assuming the IP assigned to the instance is, the following will display the progress of the integration tests that are run immediately after the instance is created:

ssh ubuntu@ tail -n 2000000 -f /tmp/init.out

If all goes well, it will complete with:

... ========================= 8 passed in 1845.59 seconds ============= ___________________________________ summary _________________________ openstack-integration: commands succeeded congratulations :)

And the pulpito dashboard will display the remains of the integration tests at like so: