Ceph Meetup Helsinki : 22 Jan 2015


Ceph Meetup Helsinki , Finland 22nd Jan 2015

It has been a good start to 2015. We the geeks of "Helsinki Metropolitan Area" express our sincere thanks to Red Hat Folks for arranging an unofficial "Ceph Day" sort of Ceph Meetup.

From my point of view expecting any event on CEPH in Finland , is like day dreaming. But hopefully not from now.

Here is my presentation during the meetup. Hope you enjoy and learn something new out of it. Read it carefully "There is something new for YOU"

Introducing Try-Ceph

Since this was the first presentation on Ceph , in-order to keep the audience awake and into the gravity of Ceph. I have presented a LIVE DEMONSTRATION  of Ceph which the audience really enjoyed.

So What is Try-Ceph

Its a shortest and the quickest way to get your TEST Ceph cluster UP and Running in Just 10 Minutes --yes-i-am-really-really-serious

Its a TWO Step Process

Step - 1 : # git clone https://github.com/ksingh7/Try-Ceph.git

Step - 2 : # vagrant up

Checkout the documentation


Checkout the recorded session


Some Pictures from the Meetup

karan singh

karan singh

karan singh

karan singh