v0.80.4 Firefly released


This Firefly point release fixes an potential data corruption problem when ceph-osd daemons run on top of XFS and service Firefly librbd clients. A recently added allocation hint that RBD utilizes triggers an XFS bug on some kernels (Linux 3.2, and likely others) that leads to data corruption and deep-scrub errors (and inconsistent PGs). This release avoids the situation by disabling the allocation hint until we can validate which kernels are affected and/or are known to be safe to use the hint on.

We recommend that all v0.80.x Firefly users urgently upgrade, especially if they are using RBD.


  • osd: disable XFS extsize hint by default (#8830, Samuel Just)
  • rgw: fix extra data pool default name (Yehuda Sadeh)

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.