List the versions of OSDs in a Ceph cluster


List the versions that each OSD in a Ceph cluster is running. It is handy to find out how mixed the cluster is.

# ceph tell osd.* version osd.0: { "version": "ceph version 0.67.4 (ad85ba8b6e8252fa0c7)"} osd.1: { "version": "ceph version 0.67.5 (a60acafad6096c69bd1)"} osd.3: Error ENXIO: problem getting command descriptions from osd.3 osd.6: { "version": "ceph version 0.72.2 (a913ded64099cfd60)"} osd.7: { "version": "ceph version 0.72.1 (4d923874997322de)"} osd.8: { "version": "ceph version 0.72.1 (4d923874997322de)"} ...