v0.72.2 Emperor released


This is the second bugfix release for the v0.72.x Emperor series. We have fixed a hang in radosgw, and fixed (again) a problem with monitor CLI compatiblity with mixed version monitors. (In the future this will no longer be a problem.)


  • The JSON schema for the ‘osd pool set …’ command changed slightly. Please avoid issuing this particular command via the CLI while there is a mix of v0.72.1 and v0.72.2 monitor daemons running.


  • mon: ‘osd pool set …’ syntax change
  • osd: added test for missing on-disk HEAD object
  • osd: fix osd bench block size argument
  • rgw: fix hang on large object GET
  • rgw: fix rare use-after-free
  • rgw: various DR bug fixes
  • rgw: do not return error on empty owner when setting ACL
  • sysvinit, upstart: prevent starting daemons using both init systems

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.

You can get v0.72.2 from the usual locations: