v0.67 Dumpling released


Another three months have gone by, and the next stable release of Ceph is ready: Dumpling!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release (42 authors in all)!

This release focuses on a few major themes since v0.61 Cuttlefish:

  • rgw: global namespace and region support for S3/Swift object storage
  • new RESTful API endpoint for administering the cluster, based on a new and improved management API and updated CLI
  • mon: stability and performance
  • osd: stability performance
  • cephfs: open-by-ino support (for improved NFS reexport)
  • improved support for Red Hat platforms
  • use of the Intel CRC32c instruction when available

As with previous stable releases, you can upgrade from previous versions of Ceph without taking the entire cluster online, as long as a few simple guidelines are followed.

  • For Dumpling, we have tested upgrades from both Bobtail and Cuttlefish.  If you are running Argonaut, please upgrade to Bobtail and then to Dumpling.
  • Please upgrade daemons/hosts in the following order:
    1. Upgrade ceph-common on all nodes that will use the command line ‘ceph’ utility.
    2. Upgrade all monitors (upgrade ceph package, restart ceph-mon daemons). This can happen one daemon or host at a time. Note that because cuttlefish and dumpling monitors can’t talk to each other, all monitors should be upgraded in relatively short succession to minimize the risk that an a untimely failure will reduce availability.
    3. Upgrade all osds (upgrade ceph package, restart ceph-osd daemons). This can happen one daemon or host at a time.
    4. Upgrade radosgw (upgrade radosgw package, restart radosgw daemons).

There are several small compatibility changes between Cuttlefish and Dumpling, particularly with the CLI interface.  Please see the complete release notes for a summary of the changes since v0.66 and v0.61 Cuttlefish, and other possible issues that should be considered before upgrading.

Dumpling is the second Ceph release on our new three-month stable release cycle.  We are very pleased to have pulled everything together on schedule.  The next stable release, which will be code-named Emperor, is slated for three months from now (beginning of November).

You can download v0.67 Dumpling from the usual locations: