v0.67.5 Dumpling released


This release includes a few critical bug fixes for the radosgw, including a fix for hanging operations on large objects. There are also several bug fixes for radosgw multi-site replications, and a few backported features. Also, notably, the ‘osd perf’ command (which dumps recent performance information about active OSDs) has been backported.

We recommend that all 0.67.x Dumpling users upgrade.

Notable changes:

  • ceph-fuse: fix crash in caching code
  • mds: fix looping in populate_mydir()
  • mds: fix standby-replay race
  • mon: accept ‘osd pool set …’ as string
  • mon: backport: ‘osd perf’ command to dump recent OSD performance stats
  • osd: add feature compat check for upcoming object sharding
  • rbd.py: increase parent name size limit
  • rgw: backport: allow wildcard in supported keystone roles
  • rgw: backport: improve swift COPY behavior
  • rgw: backport: log and open admin socket by default
  • rgw: backport: validate S3 tokens against keystone
  • rgw: fix bucket removal
  • rgw: fix client error code for chunked PUT failure
  • rgw: fix hang on large object GET
  • rgw: fix rare use-after-free
  • rgw: various DR bug fixes
  • sysvinit, upstart: prevent starting daemons using both init systems

Please see the complete changelog for more details.

You can get v0.67.5 from the usual locations: