v0.67.4 Dumpling released


This point release fixes an important performance issue with radosgw, keystone authentication token caching, and CORS. All users (especially those of rgw) are encouraged to upgrade.

Notable changes:

  • crush: fix invalidation of cached names
  • crushtool: do not crash on non-unique bucket ids
  • mds: be more careful when decoding LogEvents
  • mds: fix heap check debugging commands
  • mon: avoid rebuilding old full osdmaps
  • mon: fix ‘ceph crush move …’
  • mon: fix ‘ceph osd crush reweight …’
  • mon: fix writeout of full osdmaps during trim
  • mon: limit size of transactions
  • mon: prevent both unmanaged and pool snaps
  • osd: disable xattr size limit (prevents upload of large rgw objects)
  • osd: fix recovery op throttling
  • osd: fix throttling of log messages for very slow requests
  • rgw: drain pending requests before completing write
  • rgw: fix CORS
  • rgw: fix inefficient list::size() usage
  • rgw: fix keystone token expiration
  • rgw: fix minor memory leaks
  • rgw: fix null termination of buffer

For more information, please see the complete release notes and changelog.

You can get v0.67.4 from the usual locations: