v0.67.2 Dumpling released


This is an imporant point release for Dumpling. Most notably, it fixes a problem when upgrading directly from v0.56.x Bobtail to v0.67.x Dumpling (without stopping at v0.61.x Cuttlefish along the way). It also fixes a problem with the CLI parsing of the CEPH_ARGS environment variable (which causes problems with older releases of OpenStack), high CPU utilization by the ceph-osd daemons, and cleans up the radosgw shutdown sequence.

Notable changes:

  • objecter: resend linger requests when cluster goes from full to non-full
  • ceph: parse CEPH_ARGS environment variable
  • librados: fix small memory leak
  • osd: remove old log objects on upgrade (fixes bobtail -> dumpling jump)
  • osd: disable PGLog::check() via config option (fixes CPU burn)
  • rgw: drain requests on shutdown
  • rgw: misc memory leaks on shutdown

For more information please see the release notes and complete changelog.

You can get v0.67.2 from the usual locations: