v0.64 released


A new development release of Ceph is out. Notable changes include:

  • osd: monitor both front and back interfaces
  • osd: verify both front and back network are working before rejoining cluster
  • osd: fix memory/network inefficiency during deep scrub
  • osd: fix incorrect mark-down of osds
  • mon: fix start fork behavior
  • mon: fix election timeout
  • mon: better trim/compaction behavior
  • mon: fix units in ‘ceph df’ output
  • mon, osd: misc memory leaks
  • librbd: make default options/features for newly created images (e.g., via qemu-img) configurable
  • mds: many fixes for mds clustering
  • mds: fix rare hang after client restart
  • ceph-fuse: add ioctl support
  • ceph-fuse/libcephfs: fix for cap release/hang
  • rgw: handle deep uri resources
  • rgw: fix CORS bugs
  • ceph-disk: add ‘[un]suppress-active DEV’ command
  • debian: rgw: stop daemon on uninstall
  • debian: fix upstart behavior with upgrades

You can get v0.64 from the usual locations: