v0.61.8 Cuttlefish released


We’ve made another point release for Cuttlefish.  This release contains a number of fixes that are generally not individually critical, but do trip up users from time to time, are non-intrusive, and have held up under testing.

Notable changes include:

  • librados: fix async aio completion wakeup
  • librados: fix aio completion locking
  • librados: fix rare deadlock during shutdown
  • osd: fix race when queueing recovery operations
  • osd: fix possible race during recovery
  • osd: optionally preload rados classes on startup (disabled by default)
  • osd: fix journal replay corner condition
  • osd: limit size of peering work queue batch (to speed up peering)
  • mon: fix paxos recovery corner case
  • mon: fix rare hang when monmap updates during an election
  • mon: make ‘osd pool mksnap …’ avoid exposing uncommitted state
  • mon: make ‘osd pool rmsnap …’ not racy, avoid exposing uncommitted state
  • mon: fix bug during mon cluster expansion
  • rgw: fix crash during multi delete operation
  • msgr: fix race conditions during osd network reinitialization
  • ceph-disk: apply mount options when remounting

For more detailed information, please see the detailed release notes and complete changelog.

You can get v0.61.8 from the usual locations: