v0.61.1 released


This release is a small update to Cuttlefish that fixes a problem when upgrading a bobtail cluster that had snapshots. Please use this instead of v0.61 if you are upgrading to avoid possible ceph-osd daemon crashes. There is also fix for a problem deploying monitors and generating new authentication keys.

Notable changes:

  • osd: handle upgrade when legacy snap collections are present; repair from previous failed restart
  • ceph-create-keys: fix race with ceph-mon startup (which broke ‘ceph-deploy gatherkeys …’)
  • ceph-create-keys: gracefully handle bad response from ceph-osd
  • sysvinit: do not assume default osd_data when automatically weighting OSD
  • osd: avoid crash from ill-behaved classes using getomapvals
  • debian: fix squeeze dependency
  • mon: debug options to log or dump leveldb transactactions

You can get v0.61.1 from the usual places: