v0.59 released


Another sprint and another release! This one is delayed a day or two due to power issues in our data center. The most exciting bit here is a big refactor in the monitor that has finally landed (thanks go to Joao Luis), but there is lots of other good stuff to go around:

  • mon: rearchitected to utilize single instance of paxos and a key/value store (Joao Luis)
  • mon: new ‘ceph df [detail]‘ command
  • osd: support for improved hashing of PGs across OSDs via HASHPSPOOL pool flag and feature
  • osd: refactored watch/notify infrastructure (fixes protocol, removes many bugs) (Sam Just)
  • osd, librados: ability to list watchers (David Zafman)
  • osd, librados: new listsnaps command (David Zafman)
  • osd: trim log more aggressively, avoid appearance of leak memory
  • osd: misc split fixes (Sam Just)
  • osd: a few journaling bug fixes (Sam Just)
  • osd: connection handling bug fixes
  • rbd: avoid FIEMAP when importing from file (it can be buggy) (Josh Durgin)
  • librados: fix linger bugs (Josh Durgin)
  • librbd: fixed flatten deadlock (Josh Durgin)
  • rgw: fixed >4MB range requests (Jan Harkes)
  • rgw: fix log rotation
  • mds: allow xattrs on root
  • ceph-fuse: fix statfs(2) reporting
  • msgr: optionally tune TCP buffer size to avoid throughput collapse (Jim Schutt)
  • consume less memory for logging by default
  • always use system leveldb (Gary Lowell)

When upgrading, try to avoid leaving mixed monitor versions for long periods of time; see the release notes for more details.

WARNING: We noticed just as this went out that the librados headers are broken and the fix just missed the build.  We’ll do a point release if anybody needs it.

In other news, the ceph-cookbooks for Chef just got a long-overdue update. If you are a Chef user, please take a look at the updated repo on github and let us know what you think (or better yet start sending your pull requests our way).

I should also mention that, although you don’t see much action here, Caleb and Yehuda are hard at work on the multi-site, disaster recovery, and API features for radosgw.

You can get v0.59 from the usual places: