v0.56.5 released


Behold, another Bobtail update!  This one serves three main purposes: it fixes a small issue with monitor features that is important when upgrading from argonaut -> bobtail -> cuttlefish, it backports many changes to the ceph-disk helper scripts that allow bobtail clusters to be deployed with the new ceph-deploy tool or our chef cookbooks, and it fixes several important bugs in librbd.  There is also, of course, the usual collection of important bug fixes in other parts of the system.

Notable changes include:

  • mon: fix recording of quorum feature set (important for argonaut -> bobtail -> cuttlefish mon upgrades)
  • osd: minor peering bug fixes
  • osd: fix a few bugs when pools are renamed
  • osd: fix occasionally corrupted pg stats
  • osd: fix behavior when broken v0.56[.0] clients connect
  • rbd: avoid FIEMAP ioctl on import (it is broken on some kernels)
  • librbd: fixes for several request/reply ordering bugs
  • librbd: only set STRIPINGV2 feature on new images when needed
  • librbd: new async flush method to resolve qemu hangs (requires Qemu update as well)
  • librbd: a few fixes to flatten
  • ceph-disk: support for dm-crypt
  • ceph-disk: many backports to allow bobtail deployments with ceph-deploy, chef
  • sysvinit: do not stop starting daemons on first failure
  • udev: fixed rules for redhat-based distros
  • build fixes for raring

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.

You can get v0.56.5 from the usual places: