v0.56.3 released


We’ve fixed an important bug that a few users were hitting with unresponsive OSDs and internal heartbeat timeouts.  This, along with a range of less critical fixes, was sufficient to justify another point release.  Any production users should upgrade.

Notable changes include:

  • osd: flush peering work queue prior to start
  • osd: persist osdmap epoch for idle PGs
  • osd: fix and simplify connection handling for heartbeats
  • osd: avoid crash on invalid admin command
  • mon: fix rare races with monitor elections and commands
  • mon: enforce that OSD reweights be between 0 and 1 (NOTE: not CRUSH weights)
  • mon: approximate client, recovery bandwidth logging
  • radosgw: fixed some XML formatting to conform to Swift API inconsistency
  • radosgw: fix usage accounting bug; add repair tool
  • radosgw: make fallback URI configurable (necessary on some web servers)
  • librbd: fix handling for interrupted ‘unprotect’ operations
  • mds, ceph-fuse: allow file and directory layouts to be modified via virtual xattrs

You can get v0.56.3 from the usual locations: