v0.56.2 released


The next bobtail point release is ready, and it’s looking pretty good.  This is an important update for the 0.56.x backport series that fixes a number of bugs and several performance issues.  All v0.56.x users are encouraged to upgrade.

Notable changes since v0.56.1:

  • osd: snapshot trimming fixes
  • osd: scrub snapshot metadata
  • osd: fix osdmap trimming
  • osd: misc peering fixes
  • osd: stop heartbeating with peers if internal threads are stuck/hung
  • osd: PG removal is friendlier to other workloads
  • osd: fix recovery start delay (was causing very slow recovery)
  • osd: fix scheduling of explicitly requested scrubs
  • osd: fix scrub interval config options
  • osd: improve recovery vs client io tuning
  • osd: improve ‘slow request’ warning detail for better diagnosis
  • osd: default CRUSH map now distributes across hosts, not OSDs
  • osd: fix crash on 32-bit hosts triggered by librbd clients
  • librbd: fix error handling when talking to older OSDs
  • mon: fix a few rare crashes
  • ceph command: ability to easily adjust CRUSH tunables
  • radosgw: object copy does not copy source ACLs
  • rados command: fix omap command usage
  • sysvinit script: set ulimit -n properly on remote hosts
  • msgr: fix narrow race with message queuing
  • fixed compilation on some old distros (e.g., RHEL 5.x)

There are a small number of interface changes related to the default CRUSH rule and scrub interval configuration options.  Please see the full release notes.

You can get v0.56.2 in the usual fashion: