v0.56.1 released


We found a few critical problems with v0.56, and fixed a few outstanding problems.  v0.56.1 is ready, and we’re pretty pleased with it!

There are two critical fixes in this update: a fix for possible data loss or corruption if power is lost, and a protocol compatibility problem that was introduced in v0.56 (between v0.56 and any other version of ceph).

  • osd: fix commit sequence for XFS, ext4 (or any other non-btrfs) to prevent data loss on power cycle or kernel panic
  • osd: fix compatibility for CALL operation
  • osd: process old osdmaps prior to joining cluster (fixes slow startup)
  • osd: fix a couple of recovery-related crashes
  • osd: fix large io requests when journal is in (non-default) aio mode
  • log: fix possible deadlock in logging code

This release will kick off the bobtail backport series, and will get a shiny new URL for it’s home.