v0.48.3 argonaut update released


After several months, we have an important update for the argonaut v0.48.x series.  This release contains a critical fix that can prevent data loss or corruption in a power loss or kernel panic situation.  There are also several fixes for the OSDs and for the radosgw.  We recommend all v0.48.x users upgrade.

Notes on upgrading:

  • If you are using the undocumented ceph-disk-prepare and ceph-disk-activate tools, they have several new features and some additional functionality. Please review the changes in behavior carefully before upgrading.
  • The .deb packages now require xfsprogs.

Notable changes since v0.48.2:

  • filestore: fix op_seq write order (fixes journal replay after power loss)
  • osd: fix occasional indefinitely hung “slow” request
  • osd: fix encoding for pool_snap_info_t when talking to pre-v0.48 clients
  • osd: fix heartbeat check
  • osd: reduce log noise about rbd watch
  • log: fixes for deadlocks in the internal logging code
  • log: make log buffer size adjustable
  • init script: fix for ‘ceph status’ across machines
  • radosgw: fix swift error handling
  • radosgw: fix swift authentication concurrency bug
  • radosgw: don’t cache large objects
  • radosgw: fix some memory leaks
  • radosgw: fix timezone conversion on read
  • radosgw: relax date format restrictions
  • radosgw: fix multipart overwrite
  • radosgw: stop processing requests on client disconnect
  • radosgw: avoid adding port to url that already has a port
  • radosgw: fix copy to not override ETAG
  • common: make parsing of ip address lists more forgiving
  • common: fix admin socket compatibility with old protocol (for collectd plugin)
  • mon: drop dup commands on paxos reset
  • mds: fix loner selection for multiclient workloads
  • mds: fix compat bit checks
  • ceph-fuse: fix segfault on startup when keyring is missing
  • ceph-authtool: fix usage
  • ceph-disk-activate: misc backports
  • ceph-disk-prepare: misc backports
  • debian: depend on xfsprogs (we use xfs by default)
  • rpm: build rpms, some related Makefile changes

For more detailed information, see the complete changelog.

You can get v0.48.3 from the usual locations: