Ceph “Office Hours” Announced


If you watch the mailing lists closely you will already have seen the new “Office Hours” announcement that went out yesterday. We are very excited about the opportunities this provides our larger community for getting directly involved. While Inktank may be the first, we’re hoping that many other organizations will help to “man the rails” in order to answer Ceph questions at times convenient to all parts of the world! Read on for Ross Turk’s unveiling of the program:


As the Ceph community grows, it’s important that help is available to new
users. Up to this point, Inktank engineers have been monitoring the channel
and mailing list as time permits. That made sense when there wasn’t much foot
traffic, but we have a lot now! We’d like to introduce something a bit more

Inktank is establishing “office hours” for IRC and the ceph-users mailing list.
During these hours, an Inktank engineer will be focused on answering questions
and providing guidance to community users of Ceph. Our first office hours will
take place tomorrow [14 MAR 2013].

Inktank office hours are posted on the new Getting Help page:

Naturally, folks from Inktank will still be around outside of those hours,
although they may not be dedicated to the task of helping others. It’s
important to keep in mind that this isn’t tech support and it doesn’t come with
any of the guarantees you would expect from a professional support contract.

You may have noticed that the Getting Help page has our Inktank logo on it. I
would like to do the same for any organization or individual who is interested
in establishing office hours of their own. There are plenty of hours left –
drop a line to community@ceph.com if you’re interested!


Ross Turk
Community, Inktank

@rossturk @inktank @ceph

As the message states, if you are interested in taking part in these office hours (either as an individual, or an organization) please drop our community team a line and we’ll make sure your hours are added to the getting help page. Thanks!

scuttlemonkey out