v0.55 released


We had originally planned to make v0.55 a long-term stable release, but a lot of last-minute changes and fixes went into this cycle, so we are going to wait another cycle and make v0.56 bobtail.   A lot of work went into v0.55, however.  If you aren’t running argonaut (v0.48.*), please give v0.55 a try and help us make sure it is rock solid!

WARNING: The default authentication behavior changed.  Please read below before upgrading or your cluster may not start.

Notable changes since v0.54 include:

  • auth: enable cephx by default
  • librbd: fine-grained striping feature
  • librbd: improved caching (of object non-existence)
  • rbd: import from stdin, export to stdout
  • osd: optional ‘min’ pg size
  • osd: recovery reservations
  • osd: client vs recovery io priotitization
  • osd: use syncfs(2) even when glibc is old
  • crush: fixed retry behavior with chooseleaf via tunable
  • radosgw: POST support
  • radosgw: stripe large (non-multipart) objects
  • radosgw: openstack keystone integration
  • radosgw: vanity bucket dns names
  • mon: improved ENOSPC, fs error checking
  • libcephfs: java wrapper
  • ceph-fuse/libcephfs: many misc fixes, admin socket debugging
  • mds: misc fixes
  • mon, radosgw, ceph-fuse: fixed memory leaks!
  • mkcephfs: support for formatting xfs, ext4 (as well as btrfs)
  • upstart: ceph, ceph-osd meta-jobs
  • many many bug fixes

The biggest item to watch out for with this release is that cephx authentication is now on by default.  That means that if you don’t already explicitly enable or disable authentication in your ceph.conf, upgrading will prevent your cluster from starting.  You need to either disable authentication explicitly, or enable it before upgrading.

There is a lot of new stuff here, including performance work on the OSD, new features in radosgw, and stability improvements all around.  Lots of memory leaks were fixed (monitor, radosgw, OSD, ceph-fuse), many bugs were squashed.  Please give this release a try; we’d love to get as much testing as possible before the next release v0.56 becomes a long-term stable version.

You can get v0.55 from the usual locations: