v0.49 released


This release is a bit less exciting than most because it is the first development release since argonaut, and much of our time has been spent working on stability.  Most of those fixes have been backported and slated for the next argonaut point release (v0.48.1).   I’ll include both below; see the 0.48.1 release notes (when it’s available later this week) to see what changes with argonaut.

  • mon: ‘ceph osd crush move’ command lets you rearrange your CRUSH hierarchy
  • osd: scrub  efficiency improvement
  • osd: capability grammar improvements
  • osd: many bug fixes
  • msgr: various messenger bug fixes
  • librados: several bug fixes (rare races, locking errors)
  • mon: several bug fixes (rare races causing crashes)
  • log: fix in-memory buffering behavior (to only write log messages on crash)
  • ceph-disk-prepare: creates and labels GPT partitions
  • rados: ability to copy, rename pools

There is also lots of work going on with RBD to get the layering working.  This didn’t quite make the 0.50 cutoff, but will be testable in the 0.51 release (or sooner, for those interested in testing the release candidate).  The devops deployment work with Chef and upstart is also progressing nicely, although it is still not quite ready for wide use.  We’ve also been working on some OSD threading and peering improvements that will appear in v0.50.

For those of you using our Debian/Ubuntu packages, please note that the URL is now slightly different for the development release.   The stable (e.g., argonaut) release will remain at the old URL (http://ceph.com/debian) while the development releases will live at http://ceph.com/testing.

You can get this latest development release at: