v0.26 released


We tagged v0.26 a few days ago.  Changes since the last release include:

  • misc build, configure, rpm build fixes
  • crypto: support for libnss (which exists in RHEL environments)
  • osd: improved throttling
  • osd: scrub no longer blocks requests
  • osd: vastly improved map update performance
  • osd: recovery fixes
  • librados, osd: support for object locator strings
  • librados: API fixes, extensions
  • mds: recovery fix for large directories
  • mds: journaling fixes
  • mds: rstats fixes
  • radosgw: Swift API support.  many fixes

For v0.27 we’re continuing to focus on stabilizing the OSD and radosgw.  There have also been a flurry of bugs found (and fixed!) in the MDS with fsstress from LTP (which, BTW, is a pretty great tool).  As part of this we’re chipping away at the clustered MDS problems as well.  See the current roadmap for the next few intermediate releases and current set of desired 1.0 features.

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