v0.24.1 released


v0.24.1 has been released, with a number of bug fixes from v0.24.  These include:

  • msgr: fix races during connection teardown
  • mds: fix bug during directory removal
  • mds: fix replay issue when mds restarts immediately after mkfs
  • filestore: fix journal ordering problem (triggered under load)
  • osd: fix recovery issue
  • osd: several scrub bug fixes

This is also the first time I’ve built Ubuntu packages (for lucid and maverick), as the libcrypto++ dependency resolves to a different library version on Ubuntu and Debian sid.  If anyone has any problems there, please let us know.  libcrypto++ is unfortunately also a hassle under Redhat, as it is not included in RHEL and was only recently added to Fedora.  We plan to start building RHEL/CentOS and Fedora packages soon, and will be updating the wiki with information on gathering all the dependencies to build from source shortly.

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