v0.24 released


We’ve released v0.24, just in time for the holidays!  Big changes this time around include:

  • mds: many fixes with clustered failure recovery
  • mds: bloom filter to reduce directory reads
  • mds: configurable directory hash functions (for fragmentation)
  • rbd: import/export tools are smart about holes (i.e., use FIEMAP)
  • osd: many recovery improvements, mostly making data available more quickly
  • osd: automatic background scrubbing when load is low
  • osd: fixes with dedicated backend replication network
  • osd: use new (2.6.37) btrfs ioctls for async snapshot creation
  • replaced openssl dependency with libcrypto++ (licensing issue)
  • librados: “zero-copy” reads
  • misc bug fixes, man pages, and code cleanup

The focus for the next release (v0.25) is on OSD and MDS stability, directory fragmentation recovery, and fsck preliminaries; see the roadmap for more details.

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