v0.21 released


It’s been a while, but v0.21 is ready.  Most of the work this time around has been on stability. There is one key new feature, however: RBD, the rados block device, which let you create a virtual disk backed by objects stored in the Ceph cluster.  The images can be mapped natively by the ceph kernel module or via a driver in qemu/KVM.  Although neither of those drivers is upstream yet, the server side functionality and admin tools are in place.

Changes since v0.20 include:

  • improved logging infrastructure
  • log rotate
  • mkfs improvements
  • rbd tool, and rados class
  • mds: return ENOTEMPTY when removing directory with snapshots
  • mds: lazy io support (experimental)
  • msgr: send messages directory to connection handles (more efficient)
  • faster atomic_t via libatomic-ops
  • mon: recovery improvements, fixes (e.g. when one mon is down for a long time)
  • mon: warn on monitor clock drift
  • osd: large object support
  • osd: heartbeat improvements, fixes
  • osd: journaling fixes, improvements (bugs, better use of direct io)
  • osd: snapshot rollback op (for rbd)
  • radosgw fixes, improvements
  • many memory leaks and other bugs fixed

The project roadmap has been updated and is available via the issue tracker.

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