v0.21.3 released


The v0.21.3 release is out.  Changes since v0.21.2 include:

  • cfuse: fix readdir for large directories
  • cfuse: fixed truncation (now passes fsx)
  • radosgw: fixed some info leakage between users
  • radosgw: support wildcard dns for bucketname.domain/object access
  • mon: less log noise
  • mds: fixed snap bug with directory renames
  • mds: fixed journal replay bug with reconnecting clients
  • mds: fixed journal replay bug with inconsistent lock state, subsequent crash

Nothing groundbreaking, but v0.21.2 users experiencing any problems should upgrade.

This will likely be the last v0.21 series release; v0.22 is due in about two weeks (see the roadmap).

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