v0.21.2 released


This is a second bugfix release for the v0.21 series.  Changes include:

  • osd: less log noise
  • osd: mark down old heartbeat peers
  • filejournal: clean up init sequence, less confusing errors on startup
  • msgr: fix throttler leak (fixes deadlock)
  • osdmaptool: don’t crash on corrupt input
  • mds: error to client on invalid opcode
  • mds: fix ENOTEMPTY checks on rmdir
  • osd: fix race between reads and cloned objects
  • auth: fix keyring search path when $HOME not defined
  • client: fix xattr writeback
  • client: fix snap vs metadata writeback
  • osd: fix journal, btrfs throttling
  • msgr: fix memory leak on closed connections

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