v0.12 released


I’ve just tagged a v0.12 released, and sent the kernel client patchset off to the Linux kernel and fsdevel lists again.  There was a v0.11 a week ago as well that incorporated some earlier feedback from the kernel lists.

Changes since v0.11:

  • mapping_set_error on failed writepage
  • document correct debugfs mount point
  • simplify layout/striping ioctls
  • removed bad kmalloc in writepages
  • use mempools for writeback allocations where appropriate (*)
  • fixed a problem with capability, snap metadata writeback
  • cleaned up f(data)sync wrt metadata writeback
  • fixed a messenger bug causing random EBADF
  • some mds clustering fixes

And since v0.10:

  • server-specified max file size
  • kclient: simplified pr_debug macro
  • kclient: respond to control-c on mount
  • kclient: misc cleanups, fixes (LKML review)
  • mount updates /etc/mtab

Testing on our 100TB cluster is going well.  Planned items for v0.13 include:

  • improved availability of OSDs when cluster membership changes
  • client authentication
  • S3 compatible REST gateway for RADOS object store
  • Ceph file system module for Hadoop

* There are still some potential OOM situations during writeback from the messaging layer, but the fixes for that are planned for a bit later when it’s clear the messaging protocol isn’t going to change further.